Successfully completed on July 26th, 2014

Geology On the Farm – Dropstone Farms

When we initially discussed hosting a Geology On the Farm event, we were a bit nervous. We knew we were interested in learning more about the geological history of the Orting Valley, but were you? Turns out, you were! We had a great turnout for Geology On the Farm this past weekend and were lucky to have geologist Annika Wallendahl join us at Dropstone Farms to talk about rocks. We learned all about the influence of Mount Rainier on the region, from the risk of lahars to the reason why the soils in the area are so fertile! After the geology portion of the event, farmers Garth and Lauren discussed how they are using these fertile soils to grow their business. We even got to check out some beautiful Tamworth piggies in the pasture. Thanks to all for a fantastic afternoon On the Farm.