To date, PCC Farmland Trust has saved ten farm properties, totaling 1306 acres, that support 15 working farms. Our preservation work spans the state of Washington. We’ve divided the state into sections to explain a little more about each region where our farms are located, and to aid in navigation. The regions in which we are currently active are highlighted in green.

WA State Map Peninsula and Islands Central Puget Sound South Puget Sound Southeast

featured-peninsulaPeninsula & Islands 

Boasting the Olympic National Park and some of Washington’s most spectacular islands, this area encompasses a wide swath of impressive and beautiful geography. And like many other areas of Washington State, this region’s farmland is also threatened.

Central Puget Sound Farm RegionCentral Puget Sound 

Closest to the city of Seattle, and home to major foodsheds and agriculturally significant valleys, Central Puget Sound is the area from which we operate PCC Farmland Trust, and where much of our conservation efforts have been focused over the last decade.

featured-southpugetsoundSouth Puget Sound

In the Puyallup Valley, the need for farmland conservation is especially urgent–and where we believe PCC Farmland Trust can have the most real impact on agricultural viability in Pierce County and Washington State. It is currently our area of greatest concentration.



The southeast region of Washington State stretches from the Washington-Idaho border to the outskirts of Wenatchee-Snoqualmie National Forest in the center of the state. It is the state’s warmest and driest region, and is largely dominated by large scale industrial agriculture. Our work in the Southeast has been primarily in and around Walla Walla.