Central Puget Sound

Closest to the city of Seattle, and home to major foodsheds and agriculturally significant valleys, Central Puget Sound is the area where much of our conservation efforts have been focused over the last decade.

Both the Ames Creek Farms and Jubilee Farm are in the Snoqualmie Valley–one of the historic agricultural areas most threatened by development, and closest to the Seattle metro area. Apart from ecological significance, the Snoqualmie Valley has a rich agricultural heritage, community support for small working farms, and excellent farm-to-market access. Focusing our efforts on the Snoqualmie Valley, along with the Puyallup Valley in Pierce County, enables the Trust to build on our past conservation work and to conserve contiguous tracts of farmland to make the most significant impact ecologically, agriculturally and in our local communities.

The Snoqualmie Valley is also prone to some of the region’s most frequent flooding. Read farmer Erick Haakenson of Jubilee Farm’s article about what’s causing the flooding in the region and why it matters so much to organic farming.

Project Information

Growing Things Farm and 20 Acres Farm are part of our Ames Creek Farm project –179 acres of farmland in a fertile plain adjacent to Ames Creek and the Snoqualmie River. This property was preserved in 2006 in a partnership with King County, and with help from a matching fundraising campaign.

About half of Jubilee Farm previously had been conserved by the King County Farmland Preservation Program. When there was an opportunity to partner with King County in 2012 to preserve the remaining half through the County’s Transfer of Development Rights Program, PCC Farmland Trust jumped at the chance.