Full Circle Farm

"Our mission is to change the food system by providing a healthy, fresh alternative to industrial food." – Andrew Stout & Wendy Munroe of Full Circle

Full Circle Farm is part of our 2006 Ames Creek Farm project.

Farm Name: Full Circle Farm
Carnation, WA; King County
Date Protected: 2006
Acres: 127

Current Farmer: Andrew Stout and Wendy Munroe, of Full Circle. Andrew is on the PCC Farmland Trust Board of Directors, as well as a founding board member of the National Farmers Market Coalition, President of Sno Valley Tilth and Washington Tilth. He was recently declared one of the “Most Powerful Players in the Seattle Food Scene” by Seattle Magazine.

Project Background: This portion of Full Circle Farm is part of our Ames Creek Farm project, 179 acres of farmland in a fertile plain adjacent to Ames Creek and the Snoqualmie River.

Property Description: Crisscrossed by creeks and channels, and a stone’s throw from the Snoqualmie River on the north end, its high water table allows for growing potatoes and hot-weather crops such as cucumber, squash, and eggplant five months of the year with minimal irrigation.The Snoqualmie Valley is open, flat and low lying, and is home to kestrels, harriers, and other raptors as well as overwintering waterfowl. Ames Creek Farm is home to important salmon habitat and is certified Salmon Safe.

Farm Products: Wide variety of vegetable crops.

Website and CSA Program info: fullcircle.com