Ways to Give

We have a choice to make. We can surrender to the “inevitability” of fallow fields, big box stores, and identical houses where fertile land once was.  We can watch as some of the best agricultural soil in the world is gradually subsumed by cement, malls, office parks and the gray expanse of “progress”. Or we can capitalize on the preservation work we’ve fought for, and use that momentum to chart a course toward a tangible, meaningful vision of sustainable agriculture in Washington State.

You can join us.

Together we can seize opportunities for a real alternative, one of true progress, and create a green expanse of agricultural production, strengthened local economies, and farmers feeding their communities.

Donate Online

Monthly Donations

Would you like to help provide us with a stable base of support? Our donors who have signed up for automated monthly donations provide reliable funds for our farmland conservation, which allows us to conserve more farms more quickly. Simply choose this option on our online donation page.

Workplace Giving & Matching Gifts

Does your employer provide matching funds to charitable donations? Is there a program through which your workplace provides giving or volunteer opportunities? Learn more about how these programs can be used to save farmland.

Securities & Planned Giving

Have you considered the way in which you’ll leave a legacy that reflects your values? Learn more about which mechanisms might be useful to you when considering your charitable goals.

Multi-Year Commitments

Please contact us if you would like to make a long-term, significant impact on farmland conservation by choosing to support PCC Farmland trust over multiple years.

We love to talk to our supporters!  If you have any questions about how your donations work to conserve farmland or would like to learn more about our priorities and current projects, please contact us. farmlandtrust[at]pccfarmlandtrust.org or 206.547.9855