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What We Do:

PCC Farmland Trust aims to ensure that our state’s best agricultural land remains available, and affordable, for future generations of farmers, while forever protecting the land’s irreplaceable soil and water resources through sustainable agricultural practices. The Trust works to do this primarily through purchase of conservation easements, and in some cases purchase of farmland.

Whether a direct purchase, donation, or simultaneous transaction, all conservation transactions must meet the minimum conservation criteria (PDF) and provide significant public benefit.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunity to sell or donate a conservation easement on your property, please fill out this Property Information form (PDF) and send to Using the information you provide, our conservation staff will determine how we can best work to reach our shared conservation goals. We receive many inquiries and this process will help speed up our response to your request.

Property currently available for purchase or lease-to-own:


Where we work:

The Trust’s comprehensive Strategic Plan (PDF) directs the organization to identify areas of focus while still maintaining a statewide presence. The plan focuses on prime farmland in ecologically crucial watersheds in the Puget Sound region—in particular, the Puyallup and Snoqualmie watersheds. Apart from ecological significance, both valleys have a rich agricultural heritage, community support for small working farms, and excellent farm-to-market access. Focusing our efforts on these valleys enables the Trust to build on our past conservation work and to conserve contiguous tracts of farmland to make the most significant impact ecologically, agriculturally, and in our local communities.