While the main focus of PCC Farmland Trust is permanently protecting agricultural land in Washington State, we also connect landowners and farmers with critical resources. The following are links to a few of our commonly-used resources and partner organizations.

For Farmers

WA Tilth Producers: Tilth Producers of Washington is the premier organic farming and sustainable agriculture organization of Washington State.Tilth Producers’ mission is to promote ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable farming practices that improve the health of our communities and natural environment. WA Tilth Producers hosts Farm Walks to encourage farmer-to-farmer training as well as an annual conference, held in November of each year.

Cascade Harvest Coalition: CHC helps farmers by connecting them with the tools and resources they need to be more sustainable and provides timely information to consumers so they can make informed food buying decisions. They also manage the WA Farmlink Program and the marketing program Puget Sound Fresh.

WSU Extension: WSU Extension educators are the critical link between science and research generated at Washington State University and the hands-on work of growing food, fuel, and fiber. An excellent resource for current producers, WSU Extension also holds farm planning and farm business planning courses through their Cultivating Success program.

Pierce County Farming website.  Includes resources for “getting ready”, business and marketing tools, an agricultural library, and more.

King County Agriculture.  Access to and information about all of King County’s farming related programs.

USDA’s New Farmers:  In-depth information for new farmers and ranchers, including: how to increase access to land and capital; build new market opportunities; participate in conservation opportunities; select and use the right risk management tools; and access USDA education, and technical support programs.

Office of Farmland Preservation:  Offers a Succession Planning Workbook, Conservation Clearinghouse, and other resources.

The National Young Farmers Coalition has all sorts of great resources, including this Farmer’s Guide to Working With Land Trusts.

For Aspiring Farmers

If you’re new to farming, or have an interest in exploring whether farming is in your future, consider a farm internship or participating in one of the local farm incubator training programs. A good way to know whether farming is for you is to try it out–at least for a summer.

Viva Farms: Viva Farms helps new farmers get started. This “farm incubator” providesland, equipment and infrastructure, education, training and technical assistance (bilingual- Eng/Esp) marketing and distribution support, as well as start-up loans.

Seattle Tilth Farm Works: is a program of Seattle Tilth, and provides farm business training and support to immigrants, refugees and people with limited financial resources in South King County. Seattle Tilth Farm Works (aka United People’s Farm) is located in Auburn, WA.  Participants attend farm and business trainings, tour neighboring farm operations, and gain hands-on experience growing and harvesting food using organic practices.

WWOOF and are excellent resources for aspiring farmers to find paid and volunteer work on farms across the country and around the globe.

Interested in an agricultural degree? Washington State University and the Evergreen State College have outstanding sustainable, organic, agricultural degree and certificate programs.

For Landowners

NRCS: A program of the USDA, the National Resources Conservation Service provides technical assistance and financial incentive programs for landowners implementing best management practices and voluntary conservation projects on their farmland.

County Conservation Districts: provide technical assistance with farm conservation planning, property assessments, and soil and water conservation practices.

Land Trust Alliance: The LTA promotes voluntary private land conservation to benefit communities and natural systems. They are a national convener, strategist and representative of more than 1,700 land trusts across America. The LTA website provides extensive information about the work of land trusts across the US, and the benefits and challenges for private property owners working with land trusts.

American Farmland Trust: The American Farmland Trust works with federal, state and local leaders and communities to develop legislation, implement policies and execute programs that keep farmers on their land and protect our environment. They provide a valuable information resource for local policies and issues impacting farm owners.