2012 Annual Campaign

L to R: Wendy and Erick Haakenson, baby Micah, Kristin and David Haakenson Photo: Dennis Lussier

Imagine a future where farmers growing food sustainably don’t have an interested next generation to take over their farm, can’t afford to continue farming, or who want to be able to retire someday without having to sell their lifetime’s investment and see it paved over or turned into “McMansions.”

These are real threats facing farmers today—especially those who are committed to smaller-scale and organic farming. Part of our work at PCC Farmland Trust is helping to prevent those scenarios from occurring, and we’re often able to accomplish that with an organic agricultural conservation easement. But we can only save farms with easements after a long process of legal vetting, real estate negotiations, and fundraising work that ensures that land will be protected in perpetuity. It’s expensive and sometimes slow work, and it takes a lot of cooperation, planning, and expertise.

Once a year, we get in touch via mail to share our latest successes, and to share with you some of what your donations have been able to accomplish. Between now and December 31, 2012, we hope to raise $325,000, which will go directly toward the ongoing operations and programs of the Farmland Trust in 2013. In this way, we are able to steward the farms we’ve already conserved as well as provide community outreach programs that share our work with the public.

Will you please consider making a donation toward our year-end fundraising goal?

We rely on individuals and families like you to help us save local organic farmland forever, so please be on the lookout for our fall campaign letter. As always, you can donate online, by mail, or by calling us directly at 206.547.9855.

We could not do this work without your generous support – THANK YOU.