April Food & Farms in the News


Saving the “Magic Skagit” – The Seattle Times looks at conserving the Lower Skagit Valley.

Hitting foodies where it hurts: climate change is now threatening wine production.

In giant monocrop news, “This year, amber waves of grain to be replaced by CORN.”

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), long a source of very helpful information and tools (Dirty Dozen/Clean 15; The “Skin Deep” Cosmetics Database, et. al.) has released a study in which they’ve determined that most supermarket meat has a very large number of dangerous bacteria. Luckily, EWG also provides a tip sheet, a label decoder, and a “better meat finder”–all of which assist meat eaters in making better choices and purchases.

Strange bedfellows indeed. A controversial provision, nicknamed the “Monsanto Protection Act, was slipped anonymously into the Senate version of the Agricultural Appropriations Bill, passed last month. The more surprising part was just how upset the Tea Party was about it.

Is Organic Better? Consider asking a fruit fly.

Mark Bittman takes a look at the emerging world of more sustainable, healthful fast food.

Bees finally get a break: The EU bans neonicotinoid pesticides.