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August Food & Farms in the News

A North Dakotan cow that has lost its tail–a common ailment amongst the luckier animals to survive the hydrofracturing of Bakken Shale near their ranch.

Fracking enters the agricultural realm–with devastating results.  A tough but highly recommended read.  (Article in The Nation is from December, but was recently featured by the PCC Sound Consumer in August.)

If you feel like getting your numbers and research fix, here’s a recent WSU article comparing some new studies to older research on the topic of environmental benefit and yield costs of organic farming.

A PCC Farmland Trust shout-out in the Tacoma News Tribune, detailing the importance of supporting your local farmers market.

NPR weighs in on the financial uphill battle for young farmers starting out.

Speaking of the hardships of the beginning farmer, this article is technically back from July, but worthwhile and beautifully documented.

Oh, our poor friends the bees.  Another difficult month

And in an apologetically depressing closing, here is a breathtaking(ly awful) series of aerial photography of industrial feedlots by British artist Mishka Henner.