Connecting land and farmers

Carefully stewarded farmland nourishes our communities, fuels our economy, and restores our soil, air, and water. Without hard-working hands, farmland isn’t farmland.

PCC Farmland Trust has partnered with Washington farmers for nearly 20 years, and we’ve come to understand their unique challenges and needs. That’s why today, we are expanding the ways in which we carry out our mission by working to better connect farmers to our conserved land. We are developing a new program called Farm to Farmer, which will strategically match food producers with prime farmland. Farm to Farmer will not only help new farmers launch their careers, it will help retiring farmers identify their successors.

The program — which we will pilot in Pierce County— is designed to meet the needs of today’s food growers, combining digital and in-person solutions that are available in the office and out in the field. Farm to Farmer will include:

  • A digital tool connecting landowners and land-seekers
  • Online resources such as leasing tips and water rights essentials
  • Strategic outreach and mixer events
  • A workshop series on community-driven topics

Farm to Farmer is a critical step in ensuring that our farmers—aspiring, expanding, and retiring—will continue to have a place in Washington’s changing landscape.

We plan to launch Farm to Farmer in early spring 2018. Sign up for The Crop to receive the latest updates.