The PCC Farmland Trust ACT Program

Are you selling farmland and want to ensure it stays farmland forever, or a retiring farmer looking for options for your property?

PCC Farmland Trust may be able to help. In the past, the Farmland Trust has purchased property from retiring farmers, ensuring that a retiring farmer is paid fair market value for their land, and offering an opportunity for a new or expanding farmer to gain access to affordable farmland–all the while protecting the property in perpetuity.

Utilizing our ACT Program (PDF), PCC Farmland Trust can deploy several creative tools for acquiring and protecting farmland. Using ACT, the Trust will purchase farmland property and then, over a period of time, sell it to a qualified farmer, or arrange a lease-to-own with a farm tenant. When it is necessary to purchase threatened farmland properties, the Trust uses dedicated funds which are required to be repaid within specified time periods. Lease and purchase terms and length will often vary, depending on the property configuration, infrastructure, and location.

Are you looking for farmland?

In accordance with our ACT strategy, PCC Farmland Trust will at times have farmland available either for sale, or available under a lease-to-own agreement for qualified farmers. For farmers who are ready to purchase property, but might be limited by the cost of land, the Farmland Trust can sometimes arrange a “simultaneous sale”, wherein the Trust purchases a conservation easement simultaneous to the farmer purchasing the land. This method of preservation enables a farm buyer to purchase land at the true agricultural value and ensures that the property will be protected as farmland, forever. This type of transaction is often a lengthy endeavor and typically involves several years of grant applications. In order for the Trust to coordinate timelines, it’s best to reach out before a property search begins, or very soon after a property is identified. Whether a direct purchase or simultaneous transaction, all conservation transactions must meet PCC Farmland Trust’s conservation criteria (PDF) and provide significant public benefit.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunity to work with PCC Farmland Trust, please fill out this Property Information form (PDF) and send to Using the information you provide, our conservation staff will determine how we can best work to reach our shared conservation goals. We receive many inquiries and this process will help speed up our response to your request. Other questions?  Contact us at

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