How it Works

Depending on the needs and priorities of the farmer, our funding sources, or the land itself, we deploy a variety of conservation tools to protect valuable farmland. Below are three of our core conservation approaches. For a more detailed breakdown of these approaches, including scenarios from our previously conserved farms, read this letter from our Executive Director.

Pathways to conservation

Simultaneous Sale

For farmers who are ready to purchase property but might be limited by the cost of land, PCC Farmland Trust can sometimes arrange a “simultaneous sale”, wherein the Trust purchases a conservation easement simultaneous to the farmer purchasing the land. This enables a farm buyer to purchase land at the true agricultural value and ensures that the property will be protected as farmland, forever.

Bridging the Gap

PCC Farmland Trust deploys several creative tools for acquiring and protecting farmland. In certain circumstances, the Trust will purchase farmland property and then, over a period of time, sell it to a qualified farmer, or arrange a lease-to-own with a farm tenant. When it is necessary to purchase threatened farmland properties, the Trust uses dedicated funds which are required to be repaid within specified time periods. Lease and purchase terms and length will often vary, depending on the property configuration, infrastructure, and location.

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