February Food & Farms in the News



Junk food, super weeds, and GMO A Go Go! Oh my.

Grist notes that land trusts are catching on to this whole local food and farmland preservation thing.

Carrie and Ken Little of Little Eorthe Farm talk farming in the Tacoma News Tribune.

A damning indictment of corn ethanol in only half of a page in EWG’s Corn Ethanol: Bad for Farmers, Consumers, and the Environment.

This Crosscut article takes a look at the idea of “Where Cows Meet Clams –a series of workshops through NNRG that explores the relationship between the health of Puget Sound water, soil and habitat, and the health of working farms and forests.

Apparently, it’s official: Nearly Half of All U.S. Farms Now Have Superweeds.

Perhaps you’ve seen some of McDonalds’ latest greenwashing in the form of advertising for their new “sustainable” fish sandwiches? Sound too good to be true? It is.

Infomatic Films presents “GMO A Go Go!“, a tongue-in-cheek, retro-style short film about the dangers of GMO’s.

Whoops, now there’s horse meat in IKEA meatballs.

The New York Times Magazine tackles the “Extrordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food“, including exploration of “the bliss point,” “sensory-specific satiety,” and “vanishing caloric density”.

And finally, some purely fun stuff: Modern Farmer’s Tumblr blog is already a PCC Farmland Trust office favorite, what with their weekly Baby Farm Animal Power Rankings (often an inspiration for our Farmland Trust Friday Farm Fuzzies on our Facebook page), but now they’ve gone and created a Farmhouse Pinterest page that is the stuff of dreams.