Help us save Sturgeon Farm by July 1st!


Development encroaches on the prime soils of the Puyallup Valley, of which Sturgeon Farm is at the center. Photo: Dennis Lussier

The Sturgeon Farm, once a thriving dairy, dates back to the 1920s. By July of this year, this fertile farmland could begin the “inevitable” transformation into a subdivision. Will you help us save it?

PCC Farmland Trust is leading a call to action in the Puyallup Valley to save what’s left of one of our most valuable natural resources: farmland. Often the land that is the most agriculturally valuable–flat and well-drained prime soils—is also the most desirable for development. In the Puyallup Valley the development pressures are especially high, and organic farmers especially few. With your support, we have made some conservation progress in the area- but we stand to make so much more, beginning with the Sturgeon Farm.

That’s where you come in. Saving this farmland is a critical step toward a more sweeping vision for the valley. Sturgeon Farm is adjacent to our Orting Valley Farms project and down the road from the Historic Reise Farm, which we conserved in late 2012. These properties combined could create an opportunity for substantial growth and shared resources in a small agricultural community.

You can help us save this farm by making a donation toward the cost of a conservation easement. To date, donors and public funders have contributed $1.1M toward the total $1.5M needed

The Trust has until July 1 to secure the final $400,000, or the owner will begin to develop the land.

By making a gift and helping us close that gap, you will be capitalizing on the preservation work we’ve already fought for, charting a course toward a tangible and meaningful alternate vision in Pierce County. Saving Sturgeon Farm is an opportunity to tip the balance in favor of green expanses of agricultural production, strengthened local economies, and farmers feeding their communities.

If you decide to help us pull this off, we can set in motion some powerful momentum—a domino effect of agricultural revitalization! Won’t you join us by making a gift to this project today?

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P.S. If you’d like to stretch your gift further, you can donate to this project through Give BIG on May 15th.