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Helping fish habitat and farmland thrive

Washington’s best farmland sits within the rich, loamy soils of our precious river valleys. But these valleys are treasured by more than just farmers. Rivers, salmon, forests, and urban life often all converge in the floodplain, right alongside prime farmland. In the Snohomish Valley, that convergence is amplified, particularly near Reiner Farm – the 260 acres we protected outside of Monroe earlier this year.

In addition to its prime soils and contiguous acres, Reiner Farm boasts over two miles of salmon habitat along the Skykomish River and 120 acres of forestland and wetlands. This diverse landscape is prized by farmers, but also by Tribal leaders who are deeply invested in protecting the region’s fish habitat.



In order to balance the varying interests from communities, farmers, Tribes, government officials, and environmental advocates within our river valleys, PCC Farmland Trust began participating in the Sustainable Lands Strategy (SLS) in 2015. The SLS works collectively with stakeholders to generate progress for fish, farm, and flood management interests within a rich and rapidly changing region.

Through this partnership, PCC Farmland Trust will make great progress protecting both the agricultural value of Reiner Farm, as well as the two-mile riparian area by selling it to the Tulalip Tribes for permanent protection in 2019. Our partnership serves as a reflection of the kind of collaboration the Sustainable Lands Strategy promotes across the region. Working in concert to protect the agricultural and ecological value of this property meets multiple community and environmental interests, and can serve as a model for future projects as we work to protect more large-scale, diverse properties through the Our Farms, Our Future campaign.

We are proud to partner with the Tulalip Tribes to protect the natural resources along Reiner Farm in a way that is beneficial to our entire community. Stay tuned for more updates in 2019.