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Dear Supporter,

As another Earth Day passes, we are reminded that protecting healthy waterways, flourishing habitats, and working farmland can’t happen in the vacuum of a single day. Our landscape is changing rapidly around us and cultivating a healthy environment for future generations requires more attention.

When it comes to the future of food production in our communities, we’ve demonstrated the importance of removing development potential on prime farmlands—something you’ve helped us accomplish for nearly 1300 acres. Sometimes farmland also needs to be carefully nourished back to health and productivity—if we’re conserving it forever, shouldn’t it be capable of producing food forever?

While we can’t ever expect strip malls and cul-de-sacs to grow our carrots, we also can’t count on this from exhausted, unbalanced, or undernourished soils. And we certainly can’t count on land in this condition to promote health in the ecosystems surrounding it. We believe we can cultivate carrots and support salmon habitat at the same time.

For each acre of farmland we preserve, we have a detailed stewardship plan that includes opportunities for ecological improvements. We engage farmers, partners, and volunteers in projects that replace invasive species with native plants to promote habitat diversity, establish buffers to separate farming activities from natural waterways, and plant cover crops to enrich soil fertility.

The more than $250,000 donor dollars we spend each year on stewardship and restoration is a long term investment. A donation you make now provides the necessary resources to ensure that working lands and nearby wildlife habitat can both flourish, forever.

History and nature have a way of reminding us of our limits. Lessons of resource exhaustion in California and the Midwest present an opportunity in our region—to demonstrate that thriving ecosystems and farmland preservation need not be divergent goals. Please help us to foster a regional food system that protects the environment we all depend on. It will take more money, more hands, and more awareness, but we can’t wait. Right now, we have momentum. Won’t you carry it forward by making a gift?

Rebecca Sadinsky
PCC Farmland Trust Executive Director

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