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June Food and Farms in the News

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June was full of good news, so we’re going to try something new this time: a full list of positive news bites! So, put on your smile, read on, and share the good news love with the food and farms pessimists in your life.

Let’s start with news from the USDA that local food sales have more than doubled since 2008.  They attribute this to more than 4,000 local and regional food businesses and projects in every state across the US of A. Good work, team.

To reinforce this trend, the latest release of the Eat Well Guide and app directs eaters to more than 25,000 restaurants, markets, and farms with a focus on sustainability. Excellent.

Still not convinced? Civil Eats editor, Naomi Starkman shares a laundry list of regional stories they’ve reported on the past six years that prove the local food revolution is here.

The FDA is finally cracking down on trans fats. They just told the food industry to “get ‘em out!” by 2018.  Arteries are cheering everywhere.

Bees!” you say, “there can’t possibly be any good news when it comes to pollinators…” Actually, June news tells us that the bee crisis may not be as bad as we thought.

Denmark has committed to doubling organic farming by 2020, so that it may serve more organic food in its public institutions. Thanks for setting the bar, Denmark.

Washington passed a budget! Phew. We thought funding for farmland conservation might be pretty bad (like, nothing), and it turned out to be not so bad (like, enough to fund a couple key projects statewide).

Two WSU professors released a study showing that organic agriculture has the potential to be much more profitable than conventional.

Now pay attention, because this is awesome: new research shows that 90% of Americans could eat food grown or raised within 100 miles of their homes!! Let’s save that farmland, people!