1. 20 Acres Farm
  2. Bailey Farm
  3. Camelot Downs Farm
  4. Cart Before Horse Farms
  5. Delta Farm
  1. Dropstone Farms
  2. Ford Farm
  3. Four Elements Farm
  4. Growing Things Farm
  5. Harman Farm
  1. Helsing Junction Farm
  2. Huesby Farms
  3. Jubilee Farm
  4. Little Eorthe Farm
  5. Mountain View Dairy
  1. Shelstad Farm
  2. Tahoma Farms
  3. True Grit
  4. Williams Hudson Bay Farm

To date, PCC Farmland Trust has conserved 19 farm properties, totaling 2,009 acres. We conserve valuable farmland to protect the environment, provide access to healthy food, and support local food economies. While our preservation work spans the state of Washington, we are currently working to protect near-urban farmland in the Puget Sound region through our campaign, Our Farms, Our Future.