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Helsing Junction Farm

Rochester, WA
Date Protected:
Current Farmer:

Annie Salafsky and Susan Ujcic

Project Background:

A project over three years in the making, the preservation of this acreage would not have been possible without the visionary collaboration (and patience) of farmer Susan Ujcic, her husband Jared Snyder, farming partner Annie Salafsky, and our funding partner, Thurston County Conservation Futures.

Property Description:

Farming pioneers in the area for over 23 seasons, Helsing Junction Farm was founded in 1992 by Annie Salafsky and Susan Ujcic.The farm began as a 75 member CSA and over the years has slowly expanded to its current size of 1000 shareholders. The partnership between Annie and Sue has grown to include their families as well as the families of the people who work with them. Farming is a group effort now, with great pride taken in the health and fertility of the soil as well as the beauty of the produce grown.

Farm Products:

A wide variety of produce, including vegetables, fruit and flowers. Helsing Junction also teams up with other local producers to provide CSA members with access to fruit, honey, grain, mushrooms, pastured poultry and sauerkraut, available via their webstore.