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Huesby Farms

Touchet, WA
Date Protected:
Current Farmer:

Joel and Cynthia Huesby

Project Background:

Huesby Farms (formerly referred to as “Bennington Place Farm”) was the Farmland Trust’s second conserved property. The Huesby family are fourth generation farmers and the preservation of their certified organic farm is an important victory in an area overwhelmingly dominated by conventional agriculture.

Property Description:

Huesby Farms’ 174 acres of rolling pastureland rests between the Oregon border and the Blue Mountains. Formerly operated as Thundering Hooves, a pasture finished meat business, Huesby Farms is now a small scale diversified farm.

Farm Products:

The Huesbys currently raise wheat, alfalfa seed, pumpkins, and squash. They plan to re-introduce sustainable meat products in the future.