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Let Us Farm

Oakville, WA
Date Protected:
Current Farmer:

Over the last two decades, farmers and conservation advocates Steve Hallstrom and Cecilia Boulais have stewarded Let Us Farm, producing food for their community and bringing ecological health to its surrounding fields, forests, and waterways. In order to grow their signature product – you guessed it – lettuce, Steve and Cecelia nourished their fields with crop rotation. Their unique and delicious lettuce varieties sold out week after week at Seattle area farmer’s markets for nearly 20 years.

Project Background:

Upon slowing down their business operations, Steve and Cecelia generously donated their farm’s conservation easement to PCC Farmland Trust, which we are deeply honored to uphold.

Conservation Values:

Let Us Farm sits right along the Chehalis River. Fifteen acres are protected as wildlife habitat along the riverbank. The couple has planted 1,800 native trees and shrubs to serve as buffers and provide habitat to wildlife. They also worked with the local Conservation District to plant pollinator strips that have attracted nearly 50 species of birds to the property over the years.