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Shelstad Farm

Orting, WA
Date Protected:
Current Farmer:

Kim and Janet Shelstad

Project Background:

Kim Shelstad is a second-career farmer who began farming in the Orting Valley in part due to the conservation impact PCC Farmland Trust has made there. After purchasing their 36 acres, the Shelstads carefully renovated the property, brought it back into production, and have been committed to continual improvement through best management practices and the guidance of Biodynamic philosophies.  Conservation of this farm has been supported by Pierce County Conservation Futures Program.

Property Description:

Shelstad Farm is situated in the center of the Puyallup Valley, between the Puyallup River and Horsehaven Creek. Thanks to the natural floodplain processes of the adjacent Puyallup River, the property has excellent prime farmland soils, which now support high quality pasture thanks to the Shelstad’s careful rotational grazing management. In addition, the farm features abundant wildlife habitat areas, including duck ponds, wetlands, and the riparian buffers along the salmon-bearing Horsehaven Creek.

Farm Products:

Shelstad Farm grows grass-fed beef and pastured chicken and eggs, sold directly.