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Tahoma Farms

Tahoma Farms is a part of our Orting Valley Farms project.
Orting, WA
Date Protected:
Current Farmer:

Kim and Dan Hulse

Project Background:

Tahoma Farms is a part of our Orting Valley Farms project. Throughout the preservation process, PCC Farmland Trust worked in close collaboration with Pierce County, in order to secure funds through the Washington State Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) and Pierce County’s own Conservation Futures program. The Farmland Trust co-holds Orting Valley Farms’ organic conservation easement with Pierce County, ensuring that the property remains an organic farm in perpetuity. Funds administered through the WWRP by the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) were used to both secure the farmland, and to bridge the increasing gap between the high cost of farmland and affordability for farmers.

Property Description:

Tahoma Farms is located in the southern end of the Puyallup Valley. The property has prime agricultural soils, is priority habitat for White River Elk, and is certified Salmon Safe. Orting Valley Farms project is also uniquely located in an open space corridor that forms a continuum between Mount Rainier National Park and Commencement Bay.

Farm Products:

Tahoma Farms grows a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. They deliver to consumers, families and businesses through their Terra Organics produce delivery service. Terra Organics also delivers to the Auburn and Seattle school districts, connecting kids with organic local farm-fresh produce.