Washington is growing at a rapid pace

Washington is growing at a rapid pace. PCC Farmland Trust is working to keep sustainable and organic farmland within our changing landscape.

Join the movement. Our plates and planet depend on it.

Our farmland is vulnerable

Washington farmland is among the most expensive in the country.1

Over the next decade, 70% of farmers will retire without a successor.2

More people are moving to Pierce and Snohomish counties than anywhere else in the nation.3

Our focus: near-urban farmland in the
Puget Sound region

Map of PCC Farmland Trust's Current and Future Farmland in the Puget Sound
44% of Washington farms are west of the Cascades
  • PCC Farmland Trust conserved land
  • Future forever farmland


dollars raised


total acres protected


farm businesses supported

Our conservation approach leverages every dollar donated


Valuable farmland is secured and no longer on the market. Private donations allow us to quickly purchase farmland when farmers can’t.


Development potential is removed, and the farm stays a farm, forever. Conservation makes land more affordable in the long run.


Farmland is placed in the hands of sustainable and organic growers – where it belongs. Selling land allows us to recycle dollars and fund future projects.

Shape Washington's future. Protect our farmland forever.

PCC Farmland Trust works to secure, protect, and steward farmland in Washington, ensuring that local farmers productively farm using sustainable and organic growing methods. We take our mission one step further by innovating on traditional conservation tools to provide access to affordable farmland. PCC Farmland Trust was founded in 1999 by PCC Community Markets, and is an independent nonprofit.