PCC Farmland Trust partners with Viva Farms

What do a farm incubator and a land trust have in common? Besides our shared love of hearty vegetables, we’re both working to build a prosperous farming future for the next generation.

Viva Farms is a non-profit farm business incubator located in the Skagit Valley, and has educated over 500 small farmers in sustainable and organic farming since 2009. Currently, Viva is incubating 12 independent farm businesses, eight of which are Latino-owned. Viva provides new or beginning farmers with five farm business start-up essentials: land, equipment and infrastructure, bilingual training, marketing, and capital. In order for Viva to continue to help launch the next generation of farmers, they are in need of a larger land base.

In 2015, PCC Farmland Trust conducted a bilingual survey to understand the needs of new and aspiring farmers in Washington. Viva Farms emerged as a key partner during that process, so when the prospect arose to help Viva purchase a new piece of land to expand their programming, we jumped at the opportunity.

By helping Viva Farms grow, the Trust hopes to create a steady flow of well-trained farmers to steward the land we’ve protected into the future.

Help PCC Farmland Trust and Viva Farms launch the next generation of farmers.UPDATE: We met our goal of raising $45,000 by February 28, 2017  to help Viva purchase their new property. Thank you!