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PCC Farmland Trust: Strategic Plan

In December the PCC Farmland Trust board adopted a 2012-2015 -strategic plan.  The plan retains and reaffirms the existing mission:  to conserve farmland for organic and sustainable farming. However, it also directs the organization to conserve farmland in concentration, and to promote agricultural  corridors in the most threatened farming areas, in Western WA.  These agricultural corridors, with increased organic and sustainable farming, could provide environmental and economic benefits to the broader community, while also promoting the primary goal “ more organic food production in the urban fringe.  Over the next three years, the Farmland Trust will endeavor to conserve in concentration, but also study the results–direct and derivative.  Throughout this same period PCC Farmland Trust will also expand our work to build public and farm community awareness of the value of farmland conservation for organic food production.

To read the full PCC Farmland Trust strategic plan, click here.  (PDF)