Preserving Reise, Part 1: Farmland Forever

Reise Farm is home to a 70 year old blueberry orchard.

Preserving Reise Part 1: Farmland Forever

In late September, PCC Farmland Trust completed the purchase of the historic 120-acre Reise Farm, located in the Puyallup Valley of Pierce County, near the City of Orting. The Reise family farm has grown food, pumpkins, flower bulbs, and even Christmas trees on this property since 1903. When the farm went up for sale in 2010, the Trust began working to protect this property from development, through a great partnership with Pierce County. Now, together the Trust and the County have ensured that this valuable property will remain farmland forever.

The Reise Farm is a slightly different project than some of the farms we’ve been saving lately. In this particular case, we now own the farm, and are looking for organic farmers to buy, or lease-to-own. It is an important land preservation success because of its location: the Puyallup Valley, which is an area that the Farmland Trust will be increasingly focusing on in 2013 and beyond. It’s also near Orting Valley Farms, which is home to Tahoma Farms, Little Eorthe Farm, and Sanford’s Farm. Because of Reise’s proximity to Orting Valley Farms, and other nearby preservation opportunities, we are beginning to form an “agricultural corridor” in the Valley, providing all sorts of potential farming, conservation, wildlife and economic benefits.

PCC Farmland Trust has just started offering 38 acres of this property for lease and eventual sale to a successful farmer candidate. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, or know someone who might be, please visit the “Work With Us” section of our website, and in particular our Current Opportunites page for an official request for proposals PDF packet.

Stay tuned in December for “Reise Farm Part 2: Acquisition Complete, Restoration Begins”, about Reise Farm’s continuing journey toward organic farming.