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September Food & Farms in the News


It’s getting close to go-time on 522! 

Don’t know what’s at stake or who is supporting Yes on 522PCC Farmland Trust farmer (Full Circle Farm) and Board Member, Andrew Stout wrote an op-ed in the Seattle Times that lays it all out, as did PCC Farmland Trust farmer (Tahoma Farms/Terra Organics) Dan Hulse in the News Tribune.

In other news…

What happens when a conservation easement works against productive farmland?  The co-founders of the National Young Farmers Coalition discuss better methods of keeping conserved farmland affordable for farmers.

Here’s a scary article about how steady industrialization of its farms, coupled with weak regulation, mean that China now uses four times more antibiotics on animals than does the US.

WSU’s Perspectives on Sustainability blog takes a look at a new paper making the case that we could feed an additional 4 billion people by growing food for people rather than for livestock.

The Current 20-Year Olds Make me Nuts: Retiring Farmers Sound Off“.  A bit of a chuckler–and reality check–from retiring farmers in Missouri and Connecticut.

The latest in the Washington State GMO alfalfa contamination testing, and its international ramifications. And the USDA’s disappointing (non)follow-up.

An uplifting Modern Farmer piece about White Oak Pastures, a farm in Georgia striving for larger-scale sustainability. “This land, these animals, they’re not really mine. I’ve got custody of them, and I need to do it right.”

Really into reading about organic soil health?  Then enjoy this article about farmer David Brandt, Ohio soil visionary.

And your super-fluffy closer: farmer tattoos.