Sturgeon Farm is Saved!

Garth Highsmith & Lauren Manes of Dropstone Farms.

 Thanks to your extraordinary efforts, we’ve saved Sturgeon Farm!

It’s been many years since the Sturgeon Farm property has been in full production. The barn has been empty, the pasture overgrown, and much of the infrastructure sits rusty and out of order. But, the soil– part of a lush and fertile river valley at the base of Mt. Rainier– is as good as it gets. We know, and you know, that this land is just too good to become concrete foundations and driveways.

We sincerely thank you, our supportive community, for being willing to come together and pitch in to make a daunting vision, a collaborative reality. With your generous contributions, and the help of our partners, including Pierce County and USDA, we have officially conserved Sturgeon Farm, diverting it from development forever!

Of course, it’s most important that this land become active again- we all know we can’t have farms without farmers. This wouldn’t have been possible without Lauren and Garth of Dropstone Farms, who are now bringing the property back to life, and moving it into organic certification. Our sincere congratulations to them on this new endeavor.

Thank you, again. We did it!