Gifts Through Your Will

Support The Farmland Trust’s work and retain control of your assets during your lifetime. Create a legacy that reflects your values by making a bequest. Saving local organic farmland is our mission and responsibility–but it is your support that ensures the stewardship of local farms, forever. Whether large or small, your legacy gift enables us to not only preserve more farmland, but to ensure the stewardship of land for generations to come. By making a bequest gift, you join PCC Farmland Trust’s Agrarian Circle.

Life Insurance Gifts

Name PCC Farmland Trust as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy and save on estate taxes.

Retirement Plan Gifts

Name PCC Farmland Trust as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401k or other qualified plan through this tax-efficient gift.

Real Estate

Donate residential, commercial or undeveloped real estate and provide support for farmland conservation, while saving on taxes and reducing responsibilities associated with property ownership.

For more information about any of our Gift & Estate Planning options, please contact Judith May Austin or call 206-547-9855.

“I was born and raised in Washington. I’ve chosen to include PCC Farmland Trust in my will because I want to contribute to the future health of the land in this state. The Farmland Trust’s mission to preserve organic farmland and support future generations of farmers is important to me, and the Trust’s reputation and record of success means I can trust that my gift will be put to the best possible purpose.” –Susan Henderson, Agrarian Circle member